Tenant Handbook

Janitorial Services

Standard janitorial services in the building are provided on a daily basis, Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays, beginning at 6:00 p.m.  These services include the following: dusting, emptying of wastebaskets and recycling bins, vacuuming of carpets, sweeping and mopping of hard surface floors, and cleaning/restocking of restrooms. (See "Designated Persons" for details regarding office recycling programs.)

Please be advised that the janitorial staff have been instructed not to move any papers on desktops or touch any computer for dusting.  Therefore, if you want your office thoroughly dusted, please insure that all items are removed from your desktop.  In addition, if a tenant requests that the maid discontinue vacuuming or cleaning during the time period allowed for cleaning of the suite, it is highly unlikely that they will be able to return to the suite to complete their nightly duties.

The Property Management Office will conduct periodic inspections of tenant areas to monitor the quality of the janitorial service and meets regularly with the cleaning supervisors to assess performance and areas where improvement may be needed. We request that the Tenant Coordinator contact the Property Management Office immediately with any comments or concerns regarding the cleaning services so janitorial quality can be maintained. 

Janitorial services are provided after hours so as not to disturb our tenants during normal business hours.  Please help this process by cooperating in the following ways:

  • Accidents do happen.  If something spills in your suite that requires immediate attention, please notify the Property Management Office.  A day porter will be contacted to assist you as soon as possible.
  • Do not place any object near or against trash or recycling receptacles if material is not to be disposed of.
  • Empty cardboard boxes MUST be broken down completely and placed near recycling bins or janitorial staff will not remove them from the suite.


MetroNational has a formal recycling program for paper, metal, glass, plastic, cardboard and used electronics in all high-rise office buildings and other properties. Please see the 'Designated Persons' section for details on how to get involved in recycling for your office. This is an included service to all MetroNational high rise tenants. The Property Management Office has provided the MetroNational Commercial Office Tenant Recycling Procedures Manual for your reference.