Tenant Handbook

Removal of Above-Standard/Extra Trash

Requests for removal of above-standard trash or large amounts of recycling (i.e. files, boxes and shredded paper) must be made through the Property Management Office.  No trash, boxes, etc. should be placed in the common area hallways due to fire code restrictions.  Prior notice must be given to the Property Management Office to facilitate the removal of these items in a timely manner.  Some larger trash items may require a fee for disposal.

Electronic Waste Disposal Program

MetroNational has a FREE electronic waste disposal program. Your Recycling Champion will receive notice of the Electronic Waste pickup events that occur twice a year. Do not place any electronic items or wiring in the regular wastebaskets. Please hold your old electronic items in a storage area in your suite until the next electronic waste event is announced and our E-waste vendor will set up an appointment to pick up your used electronics and wiring.