Tenant Handbook

Media Interactions

When a major event occurs that is likely to draw media and public attention to the property, the Property Management Team must be prepared to provide accurate information to the media in a timely manner. The Property Management Team will also be prepared to assist the media in every way possible, but not to the extent that such assistance infringe on a Tenant’s rights or hinders the Team’s ability to handle the crisis at hand.

The Property Manager will have primary responsibility for dealing with the media initially. He/she will advise the Corporate Office as to the arrival of the media and all issues will be handled by the Corporate office representatives going forward.

Tenants should refer ALL inquiries to the Property Manager. If the media inquiries pertain specifically to a Tenant and their operations, and then the tenant should follow their internal policies and procedures. The Tenant should notify the Property Management immediately on how they will respond to the media inquiries. Please instruct all your employees to not answer any media questions until all facts are determined and have them refer any media personnel to the Property Manager.