Tenant Handbook

Power Failures

  1. The building is designed to minimize the risk of a general power failure resulting from causes within the building. In the event of an electrical failure, the following guidelines should be observed:
  2. Contact the Property Management Office.
  3. Open draperies and raise blinds to let in outside light. If there is adequate lighting from windows, continue performing assignments as well as possible.
  4. If needed, you may be instructed to evacuate your space. Listen to instructions via the PA system as to when and how to evacuate the building.
  5. You may lock your doors.
  6. If you are trapped in an elevator during a power failure, wait for assistance. Do not force open the doors. DO NOT PANIC.  Utilize the elevator phones to notify the building management that you are in a stopped elevator. The identifying number of your elevator will be near the panel and the person accepting your call will also know which elevator you are calling from.
  7. The Property Management Office will attempt to advise you regarding the length and cause of the power failure as soon as possible.