Tenant Handbook

Designated Persons

In order to provide effective and efficient service to our tenants, the Property Management Office requires that each Company designate employees for various roles and responsibilities relating to building operations and procedures. Please fill out the Tenant Contact Information form and give the completed form to the Property Management Office within 15 days of move-in. 

Tenant Coordinators
The primary objective of MetroNational is to provide our tenants with consistent, high-quality services and a comfortable working environment.  Providing timely service to all tenants requires that we establish a well-organized system of communication.  This communication can best be accomplished through the use of Tenant Coordinators and the IMPAK System. 

Each tenant should designate 2 Tenant Coordinators for their suite: One should be the primary coordinator and the other the backup to the primary. 

All requests for services and any complaints by individual tenant employees should be made directly to a Tenant Coordinator.  The Tenant Coordinator will then forward these requests to the Property Management Office via IMPAK.  This method of communication will eliminate duplicate and conflicting calls to the Property Management Office and will allow us to handle tenant requests in the most efficient manner possible. 

The Property Management Office requests that the tenant provide each employee with the Tenant Coordinator's name and telephone number along with instructions to make all requests through the Tenant Coordinator. 

Tenant Authorized Persons
To maintain the integrity of the building’s security, we request that the tenant submit the name of an individual designated as Authorized Person for that Company.  This individual will be the only person permitted to approve the removal of equipment, plants, etc., from the building after hours, as well as to request above-standard items or services billable to the tenant. 

The Tenant Authorized Person’s information will be kept on file in the Property Management Office. It is the responsibility of the tenant to notify the Property Management Office, in writing, of any employees who should be added or removed from this list.  These security procedures will help protect the tenants' property and the integrity of the designated person procedures. 

Tenant Emergency Contacts
All tenants will be asked to designate individuals to be contacted in the event of an emergency.  Ideally, these tenant contacts will be officers or administrators who are capable of making decisions in emergency situations and are readily accessible via cell phone or email. 

MetroNational also uses an automated mass Emergency Notification System to inform tenants or events in their buildings of Memorial City which could affect your Company’s operations at any time of the day. 

The Property Management Office requests that at least 2 names of Tenant Emergency Contacts, along with business and after-hours telephone numbers and business emails, be submitted to the Property Management Office.  This list will be updated periodically.  Tenants should notify the Property Management Office when an emergency contact leaves the Company and then promptly designate a replacement and inform the Property Management Office.

Tenant Recycling Champion
MetroNational has a formal recycling program for paper, metal, glass, plastic, cardboard and used electronics in all high-rise office buildings and other properties. Please assign a Recycling Champion from your office as requested by the Property Management Office. This designated person will periodically receive correspondence regarding the building-wide recycling program and events and will be the point person for ensuring that recycling procedures are implemented and followed by all Company personnel. The Property Management Office has provided the MetroNational Commercial Office Tenant Recycling Procedures Manual for your reference. We kindly ask that the Recycling Champion be familiar with the procedures upon moving into the building. 

Floor Fire Warden(s)
Please see the Tenant Emergency Procedures section for details. Hard copies can be obtained from the Property Management