Tenant Handbook

Parking Procedures

Parking for the building is provided by a garage facility located on the east side of the building accessible via 1st or 2nd floors of the building.  In addition to elevators, there are also several stairwells conveniently located in the garage.

All tenant employees must register their vehicle with the Property Management Office (ACCESS CARD & PARKING APPLICATION) and display the parking decal on their vehicle.

If an employee purchases a new vehicle, please contact the Property Management Office to provide the new license plate information.  Please relay the importance of providing updated information to all employees. 

Vertical clearance is only 6' 6" in the garage; vehicles over 7’ tall with high cabs or campers, as well as certain full-sized vans cannot be accommodated. Also, because of turning radius and parking space length limitations within the garages, trucks with crew-cabs, or extended cabs with long-beds are not easily accommodated.  Oversized parking is by permit only. Please contact the Property Management Office if you need to request oversized parking.

The speed limit in the garages is 10 miles per hour. 

Visitor parking is located on the 1st level of the garage. Limited 2-hour visitor parking is available in the front lot of the building.  Security staff monitors the visitor parking area on a regular basis to ensure spaces are available for visitors to Cobalt Center.  Tenants are required to park in the garage.  Tenants who park within visitor parking areas are subject to towing without further notice. 

Handicap parking is located on all levels next to the garage elevators. You are required by law to have proper handicap identification to use these spaces. 

Parking Rules & Regulations

  • All tenants and employees are to park in the Contract Parking area of the garage.
  • Tenants and employees are not to park in the Visitor Parking area in front of the building. 
  • Vehicles must be parked entirely within the painted stall lines of a single parking stall.
  • Large trucks may park on the first floor designated area of the garage by “Permit Only”, should a larger space be required.  To receive an Oversized Truck Permit for parking in the designated area, please contact the Property Management Office for an application and to arrange for on-site measurement of the vehicle. 
  • Trucks not meeting the Oversized Parking Requirements will be ticketed and could result in booting at the vehicle owner’s expense. 
  • Violations: 
    • FIRST OFFENSE:  Ticketed via a window sticker (warning).
    • SECOND OFFENSE:  Orange sticker placed on the window. 
    • THIRD OFFENSE:  Vehicle will be booted at the vehicle owner’s expense.   
  • Please note that the ENTIRE GARAGE is NON SMOKING, with the exception of the Designated Smoking Area. 
  • The landlord is not responsible for theft, loss, or damage to vehicles or their contents.
  • All directional signs and arrows must be observed.
  • The speed limit within all parking areas shall be ten (10) miles per hour.
  • Parking is prohibited:  (a) in areas not striped for parking; (b) in aisles or on ramps; (c) where “no parking” signs are posted; (d) in cross-hatched areas; and (e) in such other areas as may be designated from time-to-time by Landlord.
  • Landlord reserves the right, without cost or liability to Landlord; to tow any vehicle if such vehicle’s audio theft alarm system remains engaged for an unreasonable period of time.
  • Washing, waxing, cleaning or servicing of any vehicle in any area is prohibited.
  • Landlord may refuse to permit any person to park in the parking facilities who violates these rules with unreasonable frequency, and any violation of these rules shall subject the violator’s car to removal, at such car owner’s expense. 
  • Landlord reserves the right, without cost or liability to Landlord, to tow any vehicles which are in violation of these rules & regulations.
  • Landlord reserves the right from time-to-time to modify and/or adopt such other reasonable and non-discriminatory rules and regulations for the parking facilities as it deems reasonably necessary for the operation of the parking facilities.